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A project by Skua Nature Group

International projection and growth

Skua Masterclass is a modern photography academy that offers intensive, specialized, in-depth master classes that combine the experience of world-class instructors with diverse training environments. This model allows instructors to quickly and easily pass on their techniques and professionalism to students. Participants are guided to develop their own personal style while experiencing a high level of instruction and training that no other photography academy offers.

Participants can choose the photographic genre they want to improve, the instructors from a pool of qualified professionals in the different fields, the exclusive locations, the season, and the focus of their work. In this way, they can engage with the world of photography at different levels and can develop personally and professionally by building a comprehensive and up-to-date background.

Recognized teachers

Internationally recognized team of teachers, experts of the field

International Academy

Presence in 5 countries this year, and growing


Students will receive an accrediting diploma of passing the training

Small groups

The teacher’s attention is maximum for each student

Sharing learning experience

Teachers and students will coexist and collaborate by sharing spaces

“Learning by doing” methodology

It allows the students to take advantage of the teacher’s great experience

Our centers

Skua Masterclass offers the possibility to attend master classes, courses and workshops in Spain, Latvia, Romania, Norway, in the amazing Natural Park of La Mandria in Italy, and in other places around the world, giving participants the opportunity to improve their skills and enjoy different photographic locations where they can live a whole new experience in a different country.

All Skua Masterclass locations can offer spaces set up with the necessary comforts and services to ensure not only quality training, but also the opportunity to fully enjoy spectacular locations and a friendly and warm welcome. This will allow students and teachers to live and share learning experiences in the best possible way.

Skua Nature Group

An international company

Skua Nature Group is a global project with developing  sustainable natural tourism to produce a positive economic impact that allows the development of conservation actions in the places where we work.

For more than a decade, we have worked together with conservation associations, public institutions, large protected areas, private owners and local companies in the development and construction of nature reserves, nature disclosure centres and photographic hides.