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Nature photography and shutter speed with Mario Cea


  • Mario Cea
    Mario Cea
    Fotografo naturalista esperto in tecniche speciali e creative

    Con più di 25 anni di esperienza alle spalle, Mario Cea ha ricevuto più di 80 premi internazionali per le sue fotografie, tra cui Photographer Of The Year, GDT, Asferico e Bird Photographer Of The Year.
    Formatore fotografico da più di 10 anni, attualmente collabora con Canon Spagna come Canon Pro Master ed è ambasciatore di Foto Tecnica Import e Godox.



La Parrilla, Serrejón, Cáceres
Training areas


26 Oct 2021 - 02 Nov 2021





Nature photography and shutter speed with Mario Cea

The training will take place in the reserve of La Parrilla, in the Monfragüe Natural Park.
This place is representative for its biodiversity, where the largest colony can be found of Black Vulture and the second largest of Griffon vulture of the world.
The Eagle Owl sings from the rocks of the majestic mountain range in front of the lodge, where also the Imperial Eagle has its nest; Red Kites, Golden Eagles, Bonelli’s Eagles and Hawks they fly over that area almost every day.
Typical Mediterranean species such as the Thekla Lark, the Red-rumped Swallow, the Blue Rock Thrush, the Common Shrike and the Spotless Starling they can be observed in open areas.
In the reserve it is also possible to see a crowd mammals such as the Red Fox, the Wildcat, the Mongoose, the Otter and the Badger, but the most easy to photograph are: the Red Deer during the bellowing season, and the Beech Marten and the Genet from nocturnal hides, active throughout the year.

days to visit, study, observe and know the territory
hours of full technical assistance and teachers

This Masterclass will be held at La Parrilla estate in the heart of the Monfragüe National Park and is meant for all amateur and professional photographers who want to spend time on photographing emblematic species of the Iberian Peninsula and improve their techniques and learn new ones.

During the Masterclass you will take part in photo shoots aimed at photographing different wild bird species of scavengers from air-conditioned huts (griffon vulture, black vulture, red kite, black kite, etc.).

At dusk you will listen to the bellowing sound of the deer and at night you will photograph the marten and genet from special huts.

Of particular interest will be the theoretical-practical workshop on high-speed photography of raptors under controlled conditions.

The workshop will include a theoretical session to understand what this technique consists of, as well as what materials are needed to use our equipment and master it.

To put everything into practice, we will set up a high-speed photo set where participants can take their own photos of different raptors in flight under the guidance of a professional falconer. No special equipment required; everything will be provided by us.

The special formula of SKUA MASTERCLASS

The innovative formula of the Academy is based on the principles of conviviality, internationality, and exchange, which allows the design and implementation of workshops and master classes. The originality of the teaching formulas allows instructors to pass on their techniques and professionalism easily and quickly to students, allowing them to develop their own personal style.

More about Skua Masterclass
  • Every day of the workshop outdoors and in the classroom.
  • Full availability of the teacher and, where appropriate, the assistants.
  • All local transportation and excursions.
  • Transportation to / from the airport.
  • Drivers and guides
  • Photo sessions
  • Accommodation for the entire period of the workshop.
  • All special or hide photoshoots.
  • Entrance tickets / access to parks, sites or activities.
  • Use of complete high-speed equipment during the course.
  • Certificate of attendance at the end of the workshop.
  • Round trip flights.
  • Cost of food (they will be self-managed).
  • Travel insurance.
  • Tips to operators, assistants or collaborators.

Vans, cars or vehicles will be used off-road vehicles suitable for this purpose, as well as boats for any maritime excursion.

Spectacular images will be created on the context of nature photography with different techniques.

The classroom will be equipped with calibrated Eizo monitors colorimetrically, to which you can connect your laptop to get a perfect view and balanced images and large screens Philips digital devices for displaying images and content collectively.

Necessary material

  • Digital camera with battery and charger
  • Memory cards
  • Telephoto or / and Tele Zoom.
  • Tripod

Recommended material

  • Wide angle lens
  • Cable or remote trigger
    (preferably with bulb option for
    long exposures)
  • Front LED flashlight
  • Laptop with charger and
    installed programs.
  • Card reader
  • Connection cable between the
    video from your computer and input
    HDMI video from monitors that
    you will find in the classroom.


Nature and technical photographer special and creative

He has more than 25 years of experience, thanks to his photographs he has received more than 80 international awards, including Photographer Of The Year, GDT, Asferico and the Bird Photographer Of The Year.
Photographic trainer for more than 10 years, currently he collaborates with Canon Spain as Canon Pro Master and he is an ambassador for Foto Tecnica Import and Godox.

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