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Workshop Macrophotography with Ghizzi Panizza


  • Alberto Ghizzi Panizza
    Alberto Ghizzi Panizza
    Macro photography, landscape and astrophotography

    Alberto Ghizzi Panizza is a professional photographer, Nikon Global testimonial, Nikon School Master and ESO Photo Ambassador.
    He has received more than fifty national and international awards and constantly carries out workshops, courses, exhibitions and conferences all over the world.
    Recognized as one of the best Italian photographers, he carries out both collective and individual courses and workshops. He is a lecturer for the Nikon School and for the Digital Camera School. He collaborates with various international photographic agencies; publishes photos and articles in numerous Italian and foreign newspapers both for the web and in print.
    Among them are Discovery Channel Canada, National Geographic, Daily Record, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Metro, Huffington Post, Le Matin, The Guardian online, Times, Vanity Fair, Nikon Pro, Nikon Life, N-Photography, Digital Camera, Outdoor Photographer, Oasis, Man’s Health, Gazzetta di Parma, La Repubblica, Meridiani, Panorama, Tutti Fotografi and many others.



Kongsfjord, Norway
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23 - 29 Aug 2021





Workshop Macrophotography with Ghizzi Panizza

Changing perspective.

  • 7 days – to visit and get to know the area
  • 6 tours – to explore different photographic genres
  • 6 lessons – to learn the different post-production techniques
  • 24 hours a day – complete supervision by technicians and instructors

Program and contents of the workshop

This fascinating workshop focuses on macro photography, a photographic genre that requires some technical knowledge but can give the photographer great satisfaction and, above all, strong emotions. The micro world consists of tiny or invisible subjects, but thanks to the use of techniques that extend the depth of field, such as focus stacking, it becomes possible to capture detailed images full of charm.

One of the advantages of macro photography is that you can get interesting images anywhere, able to isolate and highlight the shapes and colors of the subject and give it an environmental context. The only limit to macro photography is our imagination. Small animals, facial details, eyes, insects, flowers, rocks, minerals, dew drops, ice and snow are just some of the subjects we can capture. However, for each subject it is necessary to use the right equipment and technique.

In this course you will learn how to make the most of your equipment, which is not necessarily suited to macro photography, and how to use special equipment to give shape to your ideas and develop your personal style. By the end of this course, extension tubes, extra lenses, reproduction scales, life-size, macro and ultra-macro lenses, special flashes, plamps, micrometric slides and focus stacking will be part of your technical background.

The special formula of SKUA MASTERCLASS

The innovative formula of the Academy is based on the principles of conviviality, internationality, and exchange, which allows the design and implementation of workshops and master classes. The originality of the teaching formulas allows instructors to pass on their techniques and professionalism easily and quickly to students, allowing them to develop their own personal style.

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