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Workshop Photo – Reportage: Life in the Arctic wit Iago Corazza (SOLD OUT)


  • Iago Corazza
    Iago Corazza
    Photographer, traveller and Skua teacher

    He has made anthropological reportages in over 160 countries on 7 continents. Director, documentary maker and producer of various television programs, he has completed an unprecedented expedition of 64.680 km (40.190 miles) around the world.
    He has published hundreds of reportages, large monographs and innovative photography manuals with various publishing houses, such as White Star, National Geographic, 5 Continents and many others.



Kongsfjord, Norway
Training areas


02 - 08 Aug 2021





Workshop Photo – Reportage: Life in the Arctic wit Iago Corazza (SOLD OUT)

Wildlife, environment, people, landscapes, and life in another world

A workshop entirely dedicated to reportage. How to choose the theme and topic, how to design it, what are the rules that govern it, how to make it and make it complete and how to make your reportage visible and accessible to the public.

  • 7 days to visit and get to know the area
  • 100 places to identify and choose for the realization of various reportages
  • 6 classroom sessions  for the critical analysis of images and their management
  • 24 hours a day of full assistance from technicians and teachers

Program and contents of the workshop

Reportage photography is a story told through pictures, and in the Nordic countries there are many stories to tell. Stories that no one has heard and few have photographed. Thanks to this workshop you will learn to document the stories of unusual people, strange animals, impossible houses, incredible skies, and hidden lives. Stories that have been waiting to be described with faithful eyes and through exciting images. You will learn the techniques to capture moments of life that are just asking to be told, such as reindeer branding, the daily life of the Sami people, the routes of fishermen, the catch of giant crabs or the islands full of birds and seals. You will visit remote villages, abandoned houses, harbors and docks built on the Arctic Sea, and colonies of rare migratory birds. You will admire spectacular views where rocks draw twisted and fascinating patterns. You will learn how to capture these and other everyday realities under the enchanting Northern Lights.

The special formula of SKUA MASTERCLASS

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