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Workshop Post-production with Iago Corazza


  • Iago Corazza
    Iago Corazza
    Photographer, traveller and Skua teacher

    He has made anthropological reportages in over 160 countries on 7 continents. Director, documentary maker and producer of various television programs, he has completed an unprecedented expedition of 64.680 km (40.190 miles) around the world.
    He has published hundreds of reportages, large monographs and innovative photography manuals with various publishing houses, such as White Star, National Geographic, 5 Continents and many others.



Ultima Frontiera - Danube Delta


12 - 19 Jun 2021





Workshop Post-production with Iago Corazza

A workshop dedicated to the realization and optimization of digital .RAW files and their correct management and storage.

This spectacular and unique workshop offers a complete journey into the field of digital image management, from capture to post-production, thanks to specific and indispensable insights into different photographic genres.

  • 7 days – to visit and get to know the area
  • 100 places to identify and choose for the realization of various reportages
  • 6 classroom sessions – for the critical analysis of images and their management
  • 24 hours a day of full assistance from technicians and teachers

Program and contents of the workshop

Each morning of this intense but fun workshop, will be dedicated to creating images of a specific photography genre to deepen and consolidate the different photographic techniques while working in a breath-taking natural setting. In the afternoon, the images will be prepared, managed and post-produced, with special attention to the best techniques for each genre and subject, thanks to a learning path that will teach students how to master the methods and the software used starting from the basis.

Students will be constantly supported by instructors and assistants, both during the photography and the digital editing phases. This is an exclusive, exciting, and productive workshop that allows participants to learn and explore different shooting and post-production methods, and above all to get spectacular images that already perfectly post-produced and archived.

The special formula of SKUA MASTERCLASS

The innovative formula of the Academy is based on the principles of conviviality, internationality, and exchange, which allows the design and implementation of workshops and master classes. The originality of the teaching formulas allows instructors to pass on their techniques and professionalism easily and quickly to students, allowing them to develop their own personal style.

More about Skua Masterclass

  • Number of places: 7 people