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Skua Masterclass formula

The special formula of SKUA MASTERCLASS

The innovative formula of the Academy is based on the principles of conviviality, internationality, and exchange, which allows the design and implementation of workshops and master classes. The originality of the teaching formulas allows instructors to pass on their techniques and professionalism easily and quickly to students, allowing them to develop their own personal style.

The formative experience

During the workshop, instructors and students share their experiences, time, and space. This formula allows all participants to be closely monitored, learn quickly, and take advantage of unusual locations, light phases, and different types of subjects.

How will the organization and coexistence be?

Breakfastan and lunch

It is common to pack breakfast and lunch – which will be taken at the various locations – to allow flexibility and not interrupt the photo sessions.


Dinner is self-organized and prepared either by volunteer members of the group or by instructors in the kitchens and rooms provided by the guest house.

The purchase

Food selected by the group will be purchased at a supermarket upon arrival and on the fourth day of the workshop, where everyone can get personal supplies in addition to or as an alternative to the shared meal.


This and other sharing formulas allow participants to optimize the time of the workshop, contain costs, and at the same time build relationships that can prove useful beyond the days of stay and study.